Imam Hasan Basri R.A. Great Tabaee,Salafussalehin, Mujahid,Preacher and Great Soofi to which all his successor paid great Homage

Hasan Basri, Imam Abu Saeed 

born. 21 H/642 
died. 11 H/728 

A renowned preacher and sufi of the Umayyad era, who belongs to the fold of the successors of the sahaba RAZIALLAHU A"NHUM. In the days of his youth, he participated in the jihad of Iran. He is famous not only for his extreme religiousness and honesty, to which all his successors paid great homage, but also for his words-of-advice and golden sayings. 

He led all his life -as a practicing sufi: whatever he said, he did it by himself as well. His sayings stand in the rows of the best classical Arabic literature of the early days of Islam. Some of his .sayings are quoted even in the classical reference books and dictionaries. In the preaching-literature, it is hard to find any book that does not contain his name and his sayings.

 His sayings specially carry points on the contempt of dunya; two in this line are being translated here: "Human beings have started travelling on the path of death. And those who have died, are waiting for those who are coming behind them.",

 "Consider this world as a bridge over which you pass, and do not encamp on it." 

No books of him are present. In addition to his sayings which mostly other people have written, only two small booklets of mystic and preaching nature are present, of which one is addressed to Caliph Hazrat Umar Bin Abdul Aziz RAHMATULLAH A"LAIHE.