Tabligh Made Easy book by Moulana Mufti Afzal Elias : A guide for Dawah worker and for those who has misunderstanding about the blessed work of Tabligh o Dawat

Tabligh Made Easy BOOK 
by Mufti Afzal Elias

All praise is due only to Allaah. We laud Him and beseech His aid and beg forgiveness only from Him and believe in Him and rely solely onHim. 
We seek salvation in Him from the evils of our inner  selves and he vices of our actions. There is none to misguide one whom Allaah intends to guide.
 I bear witness that there is no one worthy of worship but Allaah, the One Who has no partner. 
I also testify that Hadhrat Muhammad Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam is the faithful servant and the Last Rasool of Allaah r. 
May Allaah Ta’ala’s mercy be on him, his family and his
Sahabah y and may He bless them and raise their status. Aameen.

These days there are people who criticise the Tabligh Jamaat
without checking their activities and there are also those who
despite being active members of the Tabligh Jamaat do not know
why they are undertaking certain tasks.

 They do so because of lack of knowledge or because of sheer blind adherence. As for those who object for the sake of objecting, one knows that the easiest occupation is raising objections.

 Objecting requires no intellect or
knowledge but only a loose tongue. 

Our work is directed to those who are doing the work without knowing why. If one knows why one is doing a certain action, then one will do it with more vigour and dedication. One will not be swayed by other concepts, especially when other concepts present so- called Shari proofs for their claims and activities.

Many questions are posed, such as :-
1. Substantiate the significance of 3, 10, 40 days
2. Substantiate the in-ghusht and out-ghusht
3. Why preach to Muslims?
4. Why the need of Ameer, Mutakallim, Rehbar?
5. Why Hedayaat Bayaan ?
6. Why Ijtima ?
7. Why “pedal” jamaat ?

8. Why ghusht in day time ?
9. Why make du'aa after ghusht ?
10. Why make Istighfaar on return from ghusht. What sin was
committed ? etc.

With the help of Allaah I we will attempt to answer the above
questions. One should ponder over the answers. We will provide
broad guidelines. As one's research and reading increases one may
improve and add on intelligently.