Tablighi Jamaat:Maulana Maudoodi Abul Hasan Ali Nadvi Manzoor Noumani ilyas (rahimullah ajmaeen) contacts

Maulana Manzoor Noumani Rahimullah writes..........................................................................

I HAD HEARD THE name of Hazrat Maulana Muhammad
• Ilyas
Rahimullah even when I was a student, but, as far
as I remember, it was in Ramazdn 1353H (December 1934)
that I happened to see him for the first time. For four or five
years after that meeting and without any special intention or
occasion, I got several chances of seeing and visiting him. 

Initial Impression about Tabeegh and Maulana Ilyas........
From these casual meetings, what I understood about him was
no more than that that the Maulana was a sincere and
religiously learned person, and a typical example of the simple
and pious old men of old days, who, though not being familiar
with the problems of the age and the important present-day
religious needs, carries a genuine zeal and true passion for
religious reformation of the Muslims. Anyhow, during those
meetings, I got influenced neither by his person, nor could I
consider his religious do 'wat and his movement worthy of any
special attention. 

First Attention by an article from eminent scholar...............
It happened in 1358H (1939) that an eminent
and open-minded author, who was alive to the important
present-day religious needs, himself met Hazrat Maulana, saw
the benefits of his da 'wat movement by visiting Mewiit, the cradle and special workplace of this work, and wrote his
opinion and eyewitness account in an article. So far as the
writer of these lines (the compiler) remembers, this movement
became important in his sight by reading this article.

(The person mentioed here is Maulana Abul Aalaa Maudoodi Rahimullah the founder of Jamaat e Islami who wrote article on Tableegh work after seeing it close at ground in his organ Tarjumanul Quran in Shaban 1358 H)

Next Motivation.............
A few days later (in Ziqa'ad 1358H December 1939), I
went to Delhi with the sole intention of seeing Maulana
Muhammad Ilyas, in order to get a detailed knowledge and a
direct introducfion, ofQi~~truggle of tableegh, accompanying
, ',', ','. ',' I my friends Maulana Syed Abul-Hasan Ali Nadvi
Rahimullahand Molvi Abdul Wahid, MA.Rahimullah.
  However, on reaching Delhi, it so happened that I received a,telegram from my home requesting my immediate retum, on which I left my
companions and returned without meeting the Maulana. 

Maulana Syed Abul-Hasan Ali Rahimullah persuation and letters..................
Both, of my companions, however, not only held their first land
detailedmeeting, with .Hazrat Maulana during thisjourney, but
also visited Mewat to study the method, effects and results of
his work of Tableegh.
Maulana Syed Abul-Hasan Ali
Rahimullah, because of
his God-gifted sweet nature and of his natural leaning towards
religious dignitaries, came back with a deep impression of the
person of Hazrat Maulana and of his Tableeghi work even
from this,very first meeting, and he tried to persuade me and
attract my attention towards HazratMaulana through his letters
as well, But, since I. had seen him many times and had heard
his discourses in a number of meetings, and was not much
impressed due to my short-sightedness, even these letters of
Maulana Ali Mian did not, create any special effect on me.
These, however, did boost the already present desire in me to
get detailed understanding' of the religious da 'wat. of Hazrat

 (Taken from book preface of books words and reflection)
(Later in his life Maulana Manzoor Noumani not only became active in Tableegh Rather became its tarjuman and daee through his writing about Dawah and Tableegh. His published reply in urdu gives a deep insight about the tableegh work and weans off the imaginary confusion created by some persons/organisation.
These event gives a lesson that time for everything is fixed by Allah and just seeing from distance does not give final impression. And to understand work of tableegh an active participation is must.)