Role Status fazail e Amaal tablighi jamaat truth Is only book


1.Some Groups/Brothers make a Propaganda and claim that Fazail E Amaal is only book read in Tablighi Jamaat and Ijtema.

2.First of all in Weekly Ijtema Fazail e Amaal is not read at all. In weekly Ijtema Ahadith and life of prophet and Sahaba (collected in book Hayatus Sahaba) is Read Only.

3.For Individual Taleem You can chose Tafseer/Hadith/any Islamic Book of Your choice.

4.When you are in Jamaat in collective Taleem Tableeghi Jamaat Uses these Four Books.

1.Muntakahab Ahadith 
2.Fazail e Amaal 
3. Hayatus Sahaba 
4. Riyadhus Salehin.
5. Abwab e Muntakhiba from Mishkat Shareef

4.Out of this Muntakhab Ahadith (Collection of Quranic Ayats and Authentic Ahadith and no Commentry/Stories) is very Popular.So they may use Muntakhab Ahadith.

1.It is a total misconception/allegation that Fazail-e-A’mal is the guide book of Tableegh Jama’at.
2.The concept of Tableegh Jama’at was not derived from this book, nor is thejama’at dependant on this book to do the work oftableegh.

3.They thought it necessary to stipulate such a book that would encourage people towards good deeds/Virtues of Emaan and Amaal e Saliha,thats why Fazail e Amaal book.

4However, it is not compulsory upon each an every person who joins this effort to read Fazail e Amaal. 

5.Many Places in India and allover the world are using Muntakhib Ahadith(collection of Quranic Ayah and Ahadith on Iman, Salat, Ilm O Zikr, Ikram E Muslim, Ikhlas E niyah,Dawat E Ilallah,and Tark e Layani. ) andHayatus Sahaba.

6.Many of the Arabs who are doing this effort chose to read Riyadu-s-Saliheen instead, and they are carrying on with the work of Dawat-o-Tabligh.

7. Therefore, it is totally incorrect to regard this book as the guide book of Tableegh Jama’at.

Tabligh door is open 24X7.
Come and understand it before making Allegation and confusing Muslims.

The guide book for all Muslims are only Quran and Ahadith.


1.Fazail e Amaal is collection of Nine books in two volume on virtues/Fazail of different acts like Salat, Quran, Rememberance of Allah, Dawah o Tabligh, Fasting and Ramzan, Haj and Umrah, Charity and Huququl Ibad (Personal Social relation and Obligations).Two other books are Stories of Sahaba and Present Degeneration of Muslims and its Remeady.

2.The purpose of Fazail e Amaal to encourage muslim to be connected with Quranic Life.

3.Fazail/virtues of acts/worship strengthen belief on the Rewards of Allah e.g. If I pray Salat with Jamaat/congregation Allah will give reward 27 times more, strong belief on the promises of Allah is the key for moving towards Quranic commands and Islamic way of life.

3.In Fazail e Amaal On each Topic Quranic Ayats Ahadith has been put together with great efforts by Sheikhul Hadith(Person who teaches Bukhari Shareef) Maulana Muhammad Zakariyya (Rah), one of the most distinguished scholar of Islamic World of Last century.
4.In covering different topics Hadhrat sheikh has mentioned Hadith touching the collateral topics also. For example if Hadith is about Salat in which some mention about Child Family Tarbiat (Care) has been done. Then sheikh in commentary will give the related Ahadith about Family Care also. This has made the book very useful and effective for encouraging towards Quranic Life.The millions of people benefiting from, is a reflection of Allah acceptance for the book and writer.

3.Without any doubt Fazail e Amaal has benefited hundreds of millions all over the world not only giving Ilm but connecting them with Quranic Life. Islam is a way of Life and not aphilosophy and Practical Islamic life is very important for spreading Islam.

5.Although Sheikhul hadith Maulana Zakaria has written Fazail e Amaal in accordance with the principles laid down byGreat Imams/Scholars on issues like use of weak Ahadith for encouragement, etc.........Even Imam Bukhari R.A.has used weak Ahadith in his book Al Adabul mufrad as it was a book of Fazail, Same case with Ibne Taimmiya R.A. also..................
Sheikh Zakaria himself was an scholar of Bukhari, taught Bukhari Shareef for nearly 20 years in India and Madeena, he even has done scholary work on it ..........................................some muslim groups has some reservation on certain aspect like weak Ahadith etc. These issues are broad in ummat and not only related with book Fazail e Amaal and almost all Muhaddith/Imam among Salafus Salehin has agreed that weak Ahadith are permissible in Virtues/targeeb/Encouragement. Still...........if someone is not Comfortable with Fazail e Amaal.He may go in Jamaat/take part in the Dawah effort of Tablighi Jamaat without using Fazaile Amaal.They may use other books as below mentioned...........

May Allah save all muslims to be on truth and to prepare for Akhirah.