FARZ Obligatory Nawafil Volutary status understanding

Hazrat Maulana iLYAS said: '.
"The status of fariiez (compulsory duties) is much higher
than those of nawiifil (voluntary actions). It must be understood
that the only objective of nawiifil is to bring.perfection in the
fariiez, or to compensate the shortcomings in [the performance
of] fariiez, In short, fariie; stand primary, while the nawiifil are
their subordinates and stand secondary'. However, the
condition of some people is such that they remain unmindful in
respect of fariiez and devote themselves more to nawiifil. For
example, you all.know that calling and enjoining to the good
and forbidding the evil (that is to say, all "branches of the
tableegb of deen) are among the important fariiez of deen, yet
how many people are performing these fariiez? On the other
hand, there's no such shortage of devout and committed
practitioners of nawiifil.

(Taken from book word and reflection of maulana Ilyas page no 31 )