Objective Methods Tasawwuf Tareeqat Tablighi jamaat Maulana Ilyas

Hazrat Maulana Ilyas said:

"The particular objective of 'tareeqat' (Ihsan,Sulook,Tasawwuf) is that the love for Allah's commands and the dislike for what Allah has forbiddenbecome part of one's nature. (This means producing such a state of mind that delight and pleasure is felt in obeying Allah's
commands, while pain and shock is felt in going near to the
forbidden actions.)

 This is the objective of tareeqat. 

As for the methods specifically introduced for zikr and spiritual exercises of particular nature, these are the means of attaining this objective. 

However, many people have started considering
these means themselves to be the objective of tareeqat, while
some of these means are actually innovations' [in the religion].
Anyhow, since the status of these methods is that they are only
means, and are not desired [from the acts of worships] in
themselves, therefore with change in conditions and needs they
must be reviewed and modified. As regards the things which
are apparent and clearly defined in the shari'at, their practice
will remain the same and necessary for all time."

(Taken from book word and reflection of maulana Ilyas PAGE NO 30)