Maulana Ilyas Last days of Life Mazur Nomani Rahimullah

.......................When I got the news of his alarming state of illness in
Rabi'<ul-Oola or Rabi'<ul-Ukhra of 1363H (February-March
1944), nearly four months before his demise, I came to attend
him. By a turn of good fortune, that elder who insisted me
meeting Hazrat Maulana, was also present to inquire after his
health. When he was about to go back to his place, he took me
aside and said: 'Molvi Sahib! You can do other works
throughout your life. But,at the moment, remain with him for
as long as you can. These days this old man is moving
thousands of miles a day.'

 Having listened this advice of him, I
decided to remain with Hazrat Maulana during his illness, and
to go to Bareli only for a couple of days, after every week or
ten days, to look after my office and periodical'. Accordingly,
this used to be my.practice. The total time that I spent in his
company during his last days was probably more than two
months. All the sayings in this book, except those of.the
Jamad-ul-Ukhra 1362H (June 1943) tour of Mewiit and the
Rajab 1362H (July 1943) tour of Lucknow and Kanpur, were
noted down during these days of his last illness. However, all
the sayings contained in the 4th chapter are collected and
arranged by Maulana ZafarAhmad Thanvi RAHMATI!1..LAH A'LAtHE,
who spent one month with Hazrat Maulana in Nizamuddin
during his.last illness, and regularly noted down his sayings.
The state and condition of Hazrat Maulana which I noticed
in that spell of illness, nursed my belief in many of those
accounts of religious elders which needed .proof, though
writtenin the books. Many things- which an intellectual rebel
like me could not believe- became believable, having seen
them with my own eyes in the person of Hazrat Maulana.

have published my recollections of these days in an article
'Mairi Zindgi Kay Tajrubay' (meaning, the experiences of my

life). Although nothing can be a substitute for a person, and
specially a person such as he was, yet it is hoped, lnsha-Alliih,
that the readers might be able to gain an impression of the
person of Hazrat Maulana, both through this book and his
biography, written by my friend Maulana Syed Abul-Hasan Ali

(Taken from preface of book word and reflection of maulana Ilyas )