Practicing Deen is Easy but needs learning following principles

Hazrat Maulana Ilyas said:
"The importance of the fact that 'deen is easy' is
announced in the Qur'an and Hadees with great emphasis. This
means that deen is absolutely simple and easy. So, every thing
in deen will have to be easy and simple in proportion to its
requirement and status in deen. That's why since correcting
one's intention and doing things only to gain A/WIl's pleasure
are very necessary in deen- rather are the soul of all religious
acts- therefore these are very easy. Together, since this very
purity of intention is the sum and substance of all the faculties
of 'sulook' and Ihsan ('tareeqat' /sufism), hence, it becomes clear that sulook is also an easy thing. But remember, every work
becomes easy if done with its particular procedure and
principle. When using the wrong method, even the easiest of
the easy works becomes difficult. Now the mistake people
make is that they consider mere observing the principle as
difficult, and hence avoid following principles; whereas even a
very usual and ordinary worldly work cannot be completed
without following the principle and appropriate method. A
plane, boat, car, train, etc, all are operated on some principles:
so much so that even baking of bread and cooking require
following a particular methodI."