Lesson Guidance in criticism pondering over mistakes wrong introspection


When you do the work of Dawah encourage others to 

do good, you should remember everyone is not going 

to listen open heartedly.  

Some are going to oppose you also. 

It is for this very reason that in this path one gets to take lesson from the enemy 
(i.e. from the opposition and from those who oppose this effort). 

You will meet ten different people, will make ten different comments.

Someone will say,
Grave Worshiper ‘wahhabi’‘bid’ati’ Mushrik etc..

and Whatever they want..............

They have a tongue and Allah has given liberation in the world So remain ready for many more..................harsh comments will be made.

When listening to all of this, you will start pondering that what is wrong with me?????????????What are my weaknesses?????????????? 

Then you will search for those shortcomings found within you and try to eliminate them. 

Nevertheless, in this path you will attain the suh’bah (companionship) of the pious, you will obtain good friends and you will receive the opportunity to take 

lesson from the enemy.