Kerala Muslim Women Hijab Scarf purdah wearing percentage colleges

Assalam o Alaikum,
Kerala is southern state of India on the bank of Arab Sea. Islam reached here directly by Sahaba. It is said that there are graves of  many Sahaba in Kerala..
The Kerala Muslims, estimated at around 27% of the state’s population,
They are probably the most well educated Muslim community in India. They are on the top in India on many parameters like in Religious and Modern education financially well off.

They are many Medical Dental and Engineering colleges run by Minorities and have good number of Muslim Students.
Here I want to share a very Special feature of Kerala Muslim Women................

In Kerala Ladies in all walk of life and in all social Strata wear Hijab the Islamic Purdah. 
Obviously Difficult to estimate what is the percentage
But it is nearly 95- 100 %.................. Hardly you will find any muslim lady without Head Scarf. Allahu Akbar

 The Northern MALABAR districts of Mallapuram Calicut Kannur Kasargod and Waynad which has good number  of Muslim Population it can be easily observed................

Even in Medical /Dental /engineering Pharmacy, other professional colleges good number of students are Muslim Girls. There also percentage of girls with headscarves is nearly 95 -100 %.

(Some one may argue that although they wear scarf but percentage of women with full face covering is less.I agree that full face covering percentage is less. But we should appreciate whatever is good and should do effort and dua for more.In Northern states even in Institutions like Aligarh Muslim Universty and Jamea Millia Islamia Situation is not as good as Kerala with respect to Hijab. Percentage is very poor. 3 years back I visited these places of India Don't know current situation. May Allah give Hidayat to all of us)
May Allah accept us and give Taufeeq to obey all commands of Almighty Allah.