Falaah meaning Translation in english wordly life and Akhirah

The highest achievement of man is to attain ‘Falaah’. 
 The term Falaah implies success and happiness, both in spiritual and worldly affairs.

Imaam Raghib Rahmathullah alaihe has written that ‘Falaah’ in the worldly sense means attainment of excellence in
certain aspects of worldly life, in respect of lasting satisfaction, contentment and honour.

‘Falaah’ in the life of Akirah consists in four things:
1. Eternal life
2. Riches that have no shadow of poverty.
3. Honour with no trace of disgrace.
4. Knowledge with no taint of ignorance.

In the case of absolute ‘Falaah’, success is implied in its highest degree, both in spiritual and material life.

(From FAZAIL –E—SADAQAAT By sheikhul hadith Molana Zakariya Kandhalvi page no 2)