A Simple Effective Procedure Methods for Dawat o Tabligh Islah for General Muslims

A Simple Effective Procedure for Tabligh
The most important point in the task of Tabligh is the manner and the method of approach, which simply means to follow closely along the lines adopted by the worthy Sahabah of the Nabi (Sallallahu „alayhi wa sallam) strictly in accordance with his teachings and practices. The method adopted may be as follows:
1.   A Jamaah or group of at least ten men should be formed. One of them should be selected Ameer (leader).
2.   They should get together in a mosque, make ablutions and offer two Rakaa‟at of Nafil prayers. After this, all should supplicate together and beseech for Divine mercy, help and guidance for success in their efforts and remaining steadfast and resolute in their task of Tabligh.
3.    For all this time, Dhikr should be recited by all, and every precaution should be taken not to indulge in idle talk.
4.   On reaching the place for Tabligh, once again the Jamaah should supplicate and beseech for Allah (SWT)‟s Mercy and help in their mission.
5.   The place of Tabligh will be the vicinity of a mosque of the locality where the work is to be conducted.
6.   A part of the Jamaah should be detailed to tour the locality calmly, and quietly inviting people to the Masjid, where Ta‟leem, (reading and teaching out of religious books) should be in progress and later the Salaah of the time should be offered.
7.   After this, one of the members of the Jamaah should place before the people, in an affectionate and calm manner, the importance and urgency of reviving Islam in each and every Muslim as ordained by Allah (SWT) and the Sayyidina Rasul-ullah (Sallallahu „alayhi wa sallam), giving out as simply as possible the cardinal points of Tabligh and the way to accomplish them.
8.   Finally, the people should be persuaded again in a cordial manner to join hands in this sacred task and to come out and do the work of Tabligh like the Jamaah itself.
9.   Later, some members of the Jamaah may accompany the people to their homes, where the womenfolk should also be addressed and persuaded to do similar duty among women. They should be told to be regular in their daily prayers. All this should be done without entering the private portion of any of the houses. The women should also be told to strictly follow the cardinal points of Tabligh in their daily life and observe (rules of) Hijab in accordance with the Shariah.
10.               After this, all such people who may be prepared to join the work should be organized into a separate Jamaah, with an Ameer from among themselves. They should first be made to work under the guidance of the members of the original Jamaah.
11.               The important point to be remembered at this stage is that every person engaged on Tabligh must fully obey his Ameer and the latter in turn, should ensure that his personal services and attention are available to each and every member of his Jamaah. He must see to every person's welfare, comforts and morale and before taking any decision he must consult all his colleagues. The following general principles of the work of Tabligh should be carefully noted at all times.