Causes of neglecting Work of Dawah and Tabligh; Not appreciated or Insulted

Sixth Cause of Muslims not doing/Neglecting work of Tabligh o Dawat & Islah
There is great danger that whenever someone takes up the work of commanding good and forbidding evil, he is not received well by the people. People will treat him badly, using harsh and insulting language and sometimes people will adopt a rude and insulting attitude towards religious workers.
1.    This is all true, but we are likely to forget the fact that the performance of the act of propagation means simply to follow in the footsteps of the Ambiya of Allah (SWT), who were always the victims of the worst type of treatment.
2.    That is the usual and certain fate of those who take to the mission! Indeed, all Ambiya had to suffer untold miseries on account of this, as is clear from the following Ayah: And we sent down Ambiya before you amongst people gone by, and no Rasul came to them but that they ridiculed him [Surah Al-Hijr:10]
3.    Nabi (Sallallahu „alayhi wa sallam), “No Rasul or Nabi has suffered more than me in the propagation of truth.” It is clear therefore, that there is no excuse for such doubts. As we declare ourselves to be the followers of Sayyidina Rasul-ullah (Sallallahu „alayhi wa sallam) who himself had suffered in the performance of this very mission. He persevered with everything patiently and with tolerance, we must also follow his noble example and show patience and calmness while performing the essential duty of Tabligh.