Muslims Neglecting Ground work of Dawah cause:Considering institutions as sufficient

Fifth Cause of Muslims not doing/Neglect of work of Tabligh o Dawat & Islah

Most of us believe that the religious schools, the Ulama, the presence of places like Islamic research Institutes, Islamic centers, Maktabs ,Madarsas Khanaqah (where practitioners of Dhikr devote themselves to teaching Dhikr to those who come to them) and the religious books and magazines are sufficient activities for the fulfillment of the mission of enjoining the good and forbidding the evil. These efforts (many of us think) are enough to meet the requirements of Tabligh.
1.    Undoubtedly, the presence of all these is absolutely essential and one must look upon them with respect and pay attention to their problems, as the remains of Islam that exist today owe their existence to these very institutions, but they are not enough to meet the situation even partially.
2.    The task (of reformation) is difficult considering our present weaknesses and the extent of the problem. To be content with the existence of these few methods will be a folly on our part.
3.    Even to get full benefit from these institutions, we have to create within ourselves, a true and a deep respect for the faith of Islam and a burning desire to adopt it in our practical life.
4.    Even until fifty years ago, people did possess real love, urge and passion for Islam and there were visible signs and products of the Islamic way of life. In those days these institutions could perhaps meet the demand satisfactorily.
5.    But today all our sentiments and feelings for Islam are practically dead, because of the continuous onslaught on our faith and society by various foreign elements and forces.
6.    Alas! They have succeeded in their object, since instead of love; we seem to possess a hidden inferiority complex towards our religion and faith! Therefore, we must act quickly and take the initiative from the hands of opposing forces and launch a strong counter effort whereby we are able to revive the dead spirit of each and every Muslim and reawake in him the love and attachment for Islam.
7.    Only then we get full benefit from existing religious institutions which in turn, can serve the community in a right manner and unless such steps are taken strongly, the present state of false satisfaction will spread deep and wide and these institutions which are doing good in this limited way, may meet the fate of total destruction.