Considering oneself incompetent for Dawah with Quality and Knowledge

Fourth Cause of Muslims not doing/neglecting work of Dawah o Tabligh & Islah
Most of us think that, as we ourselves do not possess the essential worthiness and qualities of Islam, we are not competent to perform the duty of propagation of those qualities to others. This is a clear misunderstanding.
1.    Since an obligation has to be fulfilled, particularly when we have been commanded by Allah (SWT) for that task, there can be no question of denying obedience to it.
2.    We must set ourselves to work in obedience to the Divine command. Our efforts then shall InshaAllah (if Allah (SWT) wills) gather greater strength and make us more determined and bold.
3.    In this way, our continued endeavor on proper lines will one day bring us the great honour of being dear to Allah (SWT). It is against the law of Allah (SWT) that, if one perseveres and strives for His sake (religion), He would not grant favours and kindness because the person was not competent or fit for the task!
4.    This point is fully brought out in the following Hadith: Sayyidina Anas (RA) states that we asked Sayyidina Rasul-ullah (Sallallahu „alayhi wa sallam), “Should we not enjoin good until we practice it all and should we not forbid evil until we avoid it all? He (Sallallahu „alayhi wa sallam) said, “No enjoin good even if you do not practice it all yourself and forbid evil even if you yourself are not able to avoid all of it.”[Tabarani]