Neglect of Dawah Cause Muslims are hopeless of improvement of Society

Third Cause of Muslims not doing /Neglecting work of Dawah o Tabligh & Islah
People of distinction as well as the common man, the learned and the uneducated all alike have become indifferent or even lost hope of the improvement of society. They all seem to have accepted the fate that it is difficult, rather impossible these days for Muslims to make any progress to regain their lost glory.
1.    Whenever any scheme for improvement and correction is presented to anyone, the usual reaction is how can the Muslims progress in the circumstances when they have neither a state of their own nor any power to rule, neither wealth nor any financial standing nor army and equipment of war nor any influence?
2.    They lack even in physical strength, mutual agreement and unity of purpose. Even the religious people seem to have decided by themselves that, it being the fourteenth century Hijra and the people having drifted so far away from Nabi (Sallallahu „alayhi wa sallam)s teachings that the downfall of Islam and the Muslims is inevitable.
3.    They maintain that in these circumstances it will be useless to make any effort towards the betterment of Muslims. It is true that the effects of the light of Nubuwwah become less and less as we are removed farther and farther away from it, but this does not mean that no effort should be made to revive that light by enforcing Shariah and upholding and defending it with all our energies and power i.e. the way of life taught by Mohammed (Sallallahu „alayhi wa sallam).
4.    For, had the Muslims before us thought so there would have been no trace of Islam left anywhere by now because there would have been no means through which the lessons and the teachings of the Shariah could have reached us.
5.    Therefore, it will be deadly for us not to check the present negative attitude towards Islam. We should adopt a forcefully positive line for our own sake and also for the sake of future generations. Time is moving swiftly and so is the pace of fall in the religion of Islam.
6.    The situation demands a strong, quick and determined effort by one and all for arresting the corruption and stopping further decline of Muslim society. As a rule, existence of true Islam depends entirely upon the steadfastness and collective effort of its followers. Unfortunately, they seem to be inferior in these very requirements.
7.    We must appreciate that the Quran and Hadith are full of the lessons in calling Muslims to be active and to stand firm in the path of Allah (SWT). There is a Hadith about a very pious person who may be busy in Salaah night and day all his life, but he cannot come to the level of one who struggles and sacrifices his pleasure and comfort for the sake of guiding and helping people to move on the right path of Islam.
8.    On this very point, many commands and injunctions in the Quran exist. It is clearly brought out that the one who strives hard in the path of Allah (SWT) remains superior and noble compared to all others, for example it occurs in the Quran: The believers who, without a reasonable excuse, sit at home cannot equal those who perform Jihad in the path of Allah (SWT) with their lives and wealth. Allah (SWT) has raised the status of those who perform Jihad with their lives and wealth as compared to those who stay at home.
9.    To the former, He has promised a blessed abode. Allah (SWT) has exalted the Mujaahideen over those who stay at home, with glorious rewards, eminent positions, His mercy and forgiveness and Allah (SWT) is forgiving and Merciful [Surah An-Nisa:95] Although the above Ayah refer directly to Jihad against the infidels and unbelievers in order to uphold the teachings of Islam and to crush and suppress faithlessness and belief in more than one god and although we are unfortunate in not having the opportunity of fulfilling that great task, we ought not to throw away any chance of doing something, however small, in the direction of propagating the truth.
10.                       Only then can we expect that one day our humble efforts and insignificant steadfastness may gather strength for bigger and higher performances. We shall most certainly guide to Our ways those people who struggle for Our Deen [Surah Al- Ankaboot:69] Undoubtedly Allah (SWT) has promised to provide protection for the way of life propagated by Sayyidina Rasul-ullah (Sallallahu „alayhi wa sallam).
11.                       However, human effort and perseverance have been defined as the only media for its promotion and advancement. The Sahabah of the Nabi (Sallallahu „alayhi wa sallam) strove untiringly for that purpose and assuredly, they succeeded and were given high rewards. They had the honour of receiving Divine help and assistance.
12.                       We being their admirers and believers, should try and follow them and prepare ourselves for working to establish Allah (SWT)s supremacy on the earth and for propagating the message of Allah (SWT) Thus, we will also be favoured with Divine help and assistance. "If you (come forward to) help the religion of Allah (SWT), He shall help you and make you steadfast" [Surah Muhammad:07]