Moinuddin chishti R A history was born in Seestan (Iran) came India for spreading Islam

A FORGOTTEN LEGACY OF MUSLIM UMMAH........................................................

The biographies of the Aulia Allah Karam reveal a long story of 
  • where they lived and 
  • where they received their spiritual food, 
  • the countries through which they journeyed to disseminate these blessed teachings, 
  • and the far off places where they were laid to rest. 

And, what is more, all these long journeys were made during the time when none of the modern comforts of travel existed, as the world had not yet seen the invention of railways, buses and cars.

  1. Hazrat Moin-ud-Din Chishti Rahmatullah Alaihi was born in Seestan (Iran), found his spiritual wealth in Chisht, a city in Afghanistan, and from there he travelled to Rajputana (India), a land wholly inhabited by disbelievers, and during this long journey, illuminated this land with the divine light of the Truth.

  2. Hazrat Farid-ud-Din Gang-e-Shakar Rahmatullah Alaihi came from the borders of Sind and reached Delhi from where he made several long journeys through the Punjab and returned to Sind again.

  3. Down his spiritual linage came Hazrat Nizam-ud-Din Sultan-ul-Aowliya  Rahmatullah Alaihi and his successors, 

  4. whose biographies show that they made journeys to distant places for the cause of da'wat, and their graves were situated in Daccan, and Malwah, and in the united provinces of the former Indian subcontinent— far away from their native lands. 

Taken from Syed Suleman Nadvi (rahmatullah alaihe) book
A Message-Carrying Nation and the Principles of its Invitation